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3 Things to Know when Buying a Garage Door Opener

Homes with a garage need a garage door opener that will automatically operate the door so you won’t have to get in and out of the car to open it or close it. It’s important to check real opinions before buying a garage door opener because not picking the right one or not knowing which are the important features to look for could lead to a bad purchase. Our buying guide will reveal 3 things you need to know before buying a garage door opener for your house.

The type of garage door you can choose

Garage door openers come in three different types and choosing the model you need depends on your garage door size and material and your installation preferences. There are belt drive units that are very quiet and provide a smooth drive, which makes them perfect for garages located near rooms of the house. The belt drives garage door openers best fit fiberglass or stainless steel garage doors that are smaller and lighter. The second type is the chain drive garage door opener that is more powerful and can handle larger doors made of heavy materials like wood or glass. This type makes more noise so you shouldn’t choose it if the garage is close to a bedroom. The third type is the screw drive model that uses a lifting mechanism placed on a rod and it can handle even the heaviest and largest garage doors at a medium noise level.

The power of the garage door opener

How powerful the garage door opener is, determines how well it will handle opening and closing your garage door. These units are powered by a motor with a power measured in horsepower and the higher the amount of horsepower, the more efficient the garage door opener. Motors vary in power from ½ hp to ¾ or even 1 ¼ hp and although even a ½ hp unit can lift and lower a door, it will do it with more strain. Therefore, if you want a garage door opener that will yield and will last in time, choose one with a higher horsepower.

The safety and security features

One of the most important aspects of a garage door opener is how secure it is because you will want to install it to increase your home security. Therefore, look for units that make sure to close the garage door as you leave the house, units that allow you to operate them even if the power runs out, or that use rolling codes that change each time you open and close the garage door. As for safety, it’s best to opt for models with safety beams that detect obstacles like children or pets and stop the door from closing. A security light also comes in handy while you get in and out of the car and remote controls make your garage door opener safer and more practical.