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Advanced Infrared Saunas with Modern Features

A fantastic way to improve your health is to have sauna baths regularly. Moreover, you will also have more energy and a positive thinking, due to the fact that sauna baths help improve your mental health as well. Here is a short list with the most advanced infrared saunas with modern features that are highly recommended due to their many benefits that they provide.

Infrared Sauna Blankets

Thanks to the advancements of technology, you can nowadays enjoy a relaxing sauna session with the help of an infrared sauna blanket. As seen in the comparison table available at BestSauna.Reviews, these blankets combine the health benefits of infrared saunas with the comfort and utility of a lightweight and compact blanket. The result is a portable type of sauna that can be used at any time and in any place without the hassle of having to install a bulky home sauna. Bottom line, this innovative asset can change the way you use to relax and can even help you fight some health issues.

JNH Lifestyles Freedom 4-person

This far infrared sauna comes equipped with 9 latest carbon fiber far infrared heaters. This modern feature makes this unit an advanced one, as the heating area will actually be maximized, a thing that not too many units of this type can do. Furthermore, JNH Lifestyles Freedom 4-person is ETL approved. The special safety glass that this unit has tolerates very well higher temperatures within the cabin. The interior is equipped with LED lighting, which is considered a long-lasting type of lighting. Furthermore, you will absolutely love the Premium Sound System, which has two premium speakers and an amplifier as well, in order to provide you the most pleasant sauna experience. Overall, JNH Lifestyles Freedom 4-person is an advanced unit that you and your family will absolutely love.

Crystal sauna LC400 4-5 person

If you have a big family and you want to have an advanced infrared sauna in your home, then you will definitely not make a mistake if choosing Crystal sauna LC400 4-5 person. This unit comes with modern features, and the most amazing one is the floor heater. There are just a few units of this type on the market these days that come with this feature. Furtheremore, it has the largest heating surface area in its class. Other unique features are the hot air circulation, 7 color therapy lights, the wall-to-wall heating system, and the oxygen ionizer. Due to the Premium AM/FM CD player, which actually comes with a front USB and Aux-In with a remote control, you will be able to listen to your favorite music while enjoying a relaxing sauna bath.

Maxxus 3-person

Maxxus 3-person far infrared carbon corner cedar sauna is definitely one of the most advanced infrared saunas with modern features. The unit comes with modern features like interior color therapy lighting system, 8 far infrared carbon heating panels, built-in FM-CD radio with MP3 auxiliary, SD connection, USB, and 2 speakers as well. Furthermore, Maxxus 3-person has an interior&exterior LED control panel. Due to the fact that the heating panels are 30 % larger than those saunas that are actually heated by ceramic tubes, the therapeutic effects will definitely be maximized. All in all, Maxxus 3-person is an advanced sauna that worth every penny.