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Best High Tech Room Coolers

Is summer approaching and you do not know exactly what solution would be best to choose in order to cool down your home so that you and your family can feel super comfortable at all times? If so, then you must definitely take a look at this article as we are going to present the best high tech room coolers.

Symphony Ice Cube XL I 17-Litre

The dimensions of this product are 45mm x 305mm x 701mm. It features a full function remote with 7-hour timer system, built-in remote dock and for room cooling as well, and high-efficiency honey com pad. The unit can cool up to 1000 sqft, and it also comes with SMPS technology, empty water tank alarm, multi-directional wheels, powerful fan, auto louvers, and powerful air throw with auto swing. This wonderful device comes equipped with all these innovative features, in order to cool the indoor air instantly, no matter the size of the room. Symphony Ice Cube XL I 17-Litre is portable, and therefore, you can move it from a place to another with ease. This unit will provide a superior cooling due to its 3 sided Aspen cooling pad, and due to the Dura-Pump Technology, the device will last a longer period of time. All in all, Symphony Ice Cube XL I 17-Litre is a modern room cooler that will provide you the desired results within minutes.

Bajaj Torque PX97 36-Litre

If you are looking for the best high-tech room coolers, then this is certainly one of them. Bajaj Torque PX97 36-Litre features an innovative technology called Chill Trap, for an effective distribution of cool air, which means that no matter in what corner of the room you will stay, the air will be the same. This unit has a powerful motor which actually generates less noise, and it features castor wheels as well, for easy mobility. Bajaj Torque PX97 36-Litre comes with a powerful air delivery of 1300 meter cube/hour, which absolutely amazing. It is a long lasting performer, made of thermoplastic material. Therefore, it will certainly be a long-term investment, and you will be able to use this device for a longer period of time. You will not be disturbed by the noise, as this device operates quietly. Bajaj Torque PX97 36-Litre is ideal for homes and for offices as well. It will definitely do a wonderful job, no matter the size of the room.