Most Advanced 2016 Smart Door Locks

Smart door locks are a popular part of home automation and they are starting to replace old door locks in many homes because they offer a higher level of security and are more practical. Given the increasing popularity, many models have taken over the market but there are only few that really offer a great performance. Take a look at our reviews of the best 2016 smart door locks and choose the one that will bring you the most advantages.

Schlage Sense BE479

This unit is one of the best you can choose from and has the advantage of coming from a manufacturer with over 100 years of experience in making door locks. It has a lot of positive reviews from satisfied customers who are very pleased with the fact that this device can detect when someone opens the door using a key or the keypad, which is not a common feature among most smart door locks. It also sends you alerts when your home security is at risk and the Grade 1 security rating ensures no one will manage to break the security code and get inside your house. The smart door lock lets you enter up to 30 access codes and delete each one after a temporary user no longer needs the code. It uses a Bluetooth connection to allow you to enter the code using your smartphone and it comes with a security feature that locks the door shortly after opening it so you won’t leave it unlocked.

Kwikset Smartcode 916

The small size of this smart door lock makes it very attractive and helps it blend into your home so you won’t even know it’s there unless you need it to open the door for you. As an added convenience feature, this unit also lets you use your old keys if you sometimes feel nostalgic. To prevent intruders from guessing your code by fingerprint smudges, the Kwikset offers a SecureScreen feature that requires you to press two random digits before entering the code. The lock has an alarm if someone tries to break in and it can be connected to smart home hubs in the absence of a standalone phone app.

Danalock V2 TZU125

If you want a sleek and modern smart door lock, this one will fit you like a glove. It’s very easy to install on any type of door lock and it guarantees maximum security that no intruder can get past. The heavy encryption protects against electronic attacks and there is an alarm that notifies you when someone tries to break into your house. It also memorizes the opening and closing activity so you will know who entered your house. A feature worth mentioning is the garage door controller that allows you to open the garage as well when you get home.