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State of the Art Tower Fans which Can Replace Air Conditioners

During summer we must make sure we create a comfortable environment in our homes, so that we can relax, no matter how hot it is outdoors. An air conditioning unit is quite expensive and not all of us can afford a device like this. The good news is that there are other affordable solutions that will help us obtain the desired result. For some inspiration, take a look at the below state of the art tower fans which can replace air conditioners.

Dyson AM02

If you are looking for state of the art tower fans which can replace air conditioners with success, then Dyson AM02 is certainly one of them. The unit features the Air Multiplyer Technology, which is an innovative one, and which not too many units of this type have. Dyson AM02 actually amplifies the airflow, so that you can feel super relaxed in your house, no matter how hot is outdoors. Another advantage is that your energy bills will be lowered with this wonderful device, and its elegant and modern design will fit any interior. Dyson AM02 can be used with efficiency instead of an air conditioner unit. It can also be used safely around children or pets, due to the fact that it doesn’t have any fast spinning blades. Dyson AM02 provides a precise control, and it is very easy to clean as well. Overall, with this wonderful tower fan, you will feel absolutely relaxed and comfortable in your own house, when temperatures go very high in the summer.

Dyson AM07

This is another amazing device produced by Dyson. It can successfully replace an air conditioner, and due to its attractive design, it will certainly look great in any interior. Dyson AM07 features the Air Multiplier Technology, which means that the air will be cooled in a short period of time, and extremely well. The unit is also energy efficient, so you do not need to worry about the costs regarding the energy consumption. Furthermore, it is a lot quieter that the product presented above, and you will have the choice to choose between 10 precise airflow settings. All, in all, you should confidently choose this wonderful tower fan, in order to cool the air in your house in the summer. Dyson tower fans are without a doubt some of the best units in this actegory, available on the market these days.