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Top 3 Gadgets that Help You Stay in Shape

Thanks to the latest technologies available, you can nowadays enjoy the convenience and efficiency of the best fitness gadgets that help you monitor your weight, set weight loss goals, lose weight, and maintain your ideal weight with minimum effort. The innovative features these gadgets come with ensure that you will manage to get rid of the excess fat and that you will maintain the perfect body shape, so make sure you have the following top 3 gadgets within reach when you go to the gym.

Withings Smart Body Analyzer

Instead of using a regular scale to monitor only your overall weight, trust a smart scale to tell you your body fat, visceral fat, heart rate, and many other parameters for the most accurate measurements. The Withings body fat analyzer can not only let you know how much weight you have lost, but it also tells you your progress in losing fat and gaining muscle mass. Moreover, the scale also measures the ambient temperature and humidity so you will exercise in the best conditions. This smart scale can connect to your smartphone using an app that allows you to introduce your data so you will keep a track of your weight loss progress. The app also lets you connect to other devices like blood pressure monitors or fitness bracelets.

Jawbone UP24

Speaking of fitness bracelets, you definitely need to wear one while exercising because it can offer you a closer look at your fitness progress. This fitness tracker from Jawbone lets you monitor a whole bunch of data like your sleep, your daily exercising routine, or your diet intake so you will know how to adjust your habits in order to improve your results. In lack of a screen to display the information, this fitness tracker comes with an app that lets you see your progress in real time. The battery lasts for around 10 days so your Jawbone will always be ready to follow you in your workouts.



Similar to the fitness tracker only specifically designed for weightlifters, this gadget can improve the performance of those who prefer working their muscles more intensely. This comfortable and small device tracks many workout parameters like speed, strength, power, balance, tempo, force, and load. All the data collected goes to the smartphone app that keeps a track of your progress and performance.