Top 3 Most Efficient Home Security Cameras

Home security systems are the ultimate solution to a more secure safe, kept away from intruders at all times. However, not every security camera is as efficient as the others and the number of features they are packed with influence their performance in offering you the best security level. Among all the cameras available on the market, we have chosen the top 3 most efficient ones that will guarantee a safe living environment.

Nest Labs Nest Cam Wireless Video Camera

This camera uses a wireless connection and enables you to watch the footage on your phone so you can enjoy full control over your home even when you are away. The wireless feature also makes it very easy to install and use and lets you place it anywhere in your house. It comes with an indicator light so you will know when it’s on and the wide angle viewing offers a large picture so you will have an eye on every corner of the room. Thanks to the built-in microphone and speaker, you will be able to communicate with others in the room.

Icontrol Networks Piper nv Security Camera

Another great choice is this model that offers many convenient features that ensure a high-quality image. It comes with pan, tilt, and zoom functions to allow you to have a closer look at a certain angle and the best part is that it also includes an infrared light for night vision. The security camera is compatible with both Android and iOS devices so you will be able to watch the footage from your mobile phone wherever you are. Another great function is the motion and sound detection that alerts you about strange activities in the room. It runs on batteries and it has a compact design that allows it to fit in any place.

Canary All-In-One Home Security Device

Our last choice is this smart device that captures and stores crystal clear images at a high resolution that it then sends to your smartphone. It comes with multiple motion sensors that record when motion is detected and it can store up to 12 hours of recorded video without you having to subscribe to a premium cloud storage. Besides being a home security camera, this device also monitors your indoor temperature, humidity, and air quality to help you create the best living environment.