Top 5 Best Robot Lawn Mowers

All lawns look incredible as long as they are maintained regularly. If you do not have too much free time, and you cannot mow your lawn very often, then you might consider getting a robotic lawn mower. A machine like this doesn’t need supervision, and this is actually what makes it perfect for busy people. The following top 5 best robot lawn mowers will certainly ease your choice.

1. LawnBott LB300EL

This machine is suitable for home use and for commercial use as well. Even if it is small, LawnBott LB399EL can do a wonderful job. With only one charge, this machine can mow up to 2 acres, which is absolutely amazing. Therefore, if you have a large landscape, then LawnBott is the perfect lawn mower for your needs.

2. Robomow RM510

If your lawn is quite small, then this is the perfect device for you. Robomow RM510 is a great for small-scale lawns and gardens as well. It doesn’t need supervision, and if it runs out of battery, Robomow will automatically return to its charging base. Once it is completely charged, the unit can mow up to three hours. The machine features a rain sensor which will actually make the unit return to its base, in case it starts to rain, or in case there is a high humidity level.

3. Husqvarna auto mower 220AC

With Husqvarna auto mower 220AC, you can mow up to 0.35 acres. The grass will be cut evenly, and your entire lawn will look incredible. The machine cuts the grass via a preset schedule. Moreover, it can do this job through direct command as well. Due to the fact that Husqvarna auto mower 220AC comes with a maximum slope or incline of 20 degrees, it is suitable for those yards that are mostly level.

4. Wolf-Garten Robo Scooter 3000

This unit will not only mow very well your lawn, but it will also provide the grass with nutrients, which is absolutely wonderful. It will certainly not miss any spots, and your lawn will look amazing. Wolf-Garten Robo Scooter 3000 is perfect for small and medium lawns. This model will also detect rain or high humidity, and it will return to its base, in order to protect itself. All in all, Wolf-Garten Robo Scooter 3000 is a robot lawn mower that worth every penny.

5. Bosch Indego

With this unit, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your bedroom, in order to have an amazing lawn. Bosch Indego is a machine that will actually cut the lawn for you, and it will certainly do it perfectly. Obstacles will be avoided due to the fact that Bosch Indego comes with lots of clever sensors. This device definitely deserves to be in this top 5 best robot lawn mowers, due to its efficiency.